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Healthcheck for your PC, Apple or Laptop

You periodically have your car serviced and probably check you own health from time to time. So why not your computer? Don’t wait until it goes wrong! Booking a periodic healthcheck can highlight potential underlying problems with your system and help avoid such disasters as data loss, hardware failure, and identity theft. Save £££ buy identifying problems before they happen and give your PC a new lease of life.

Our computer healthcheck involves the following steps:

Hardware Check

  • Check RAM and Hard Disks for logic faults
  • Clean inside (heat sinks, air vents, fans) and the exterior case*
  • Check memory usage, processor and available disk space (common cause of PC slowness)

Software Check

  • Make sure that antivirus software is installed, working, and up-to-date
  • Perform virus scan using 2 different products
  • Make sure device drivers are working correctly
  • Remove any unnecessary startup programs, browser toolbars, temporary files
  • Make sure the latest operating system updates are installed
  • Hard disk de-fragmentation

* Some Laptops may not be cleaned internally within the healthcheck due to the complexity of dismantling the system. However, we will test if system vents are blocked and if disassembly is required advise. Parts are NOT included and will be quoted separately. If problems are detected during any healthcheck, you will be advised and if any work is necessary, additional repair fees will be charged along with the cost of any parts required.