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Data Recovery – Article

Data can normally be recovered from a hard disk even after it has been formatted, we can perform data recovery even if the disk has completely mechanically failed. We offer two types of Data recovery:
Basic Data recovery

This can be performed for formatted Hard Disks, the Disk is corrupted and in unreadable, or you performed a system recovery. All data is then returned to you on a CD or DVD (a hard disk for large volumes of data and would incur a charge for the hard disk or you can supply your own)

We also work on Solid state Media (USB memory sticks, camera cards etc).

Advanced Recovery:

This could be performed if the hard disk has physically failed. This can be due to mechanical or electronic failure of the hard disk. For this type of recovery we would send it to our specialist agency that can perform these types of advanced clean room recovery. It would normally involve the physical dismantling or repair of the hard disk and this is a very advanced and time consuming process.

There is our minimum inspection fee if the data could not be recovered or the customer declined the recovery. However, this fee is wavered if the repair is successfully and you agree to commission the recovery. For advanced data recovery services, payment would need to be made in advance once quoted.

Data Destruction

We can securely wipe hard disks of data using the secure techniques to the following standards:

Navso P-5239-26(RLL) and United States Department of Defense 5220.22-M on completion a certificate of destruction is issued.

We offer secure wipe with certificate of destruction – please call us for a quote.

Data Backup

Copy data from a failed computer or transfer to a new computer – please call us for a quote.

We can also provide further local or cloud based data backup solutions to protect your data.