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Scam Advisory

“In this day-and-age computer scams are becoming a regular occurrence, not just for home users but businesses as well.”

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Read our helpful tips on how to avoid scam calls

  • Be wary of any sales person contacting you without any prior arrangements
  • Take the time to research the company calling to make sure they are providing genuine details
  • Do not give away any personal or financial details
  • Be wary of cold calls claiming that your computer has issues and needs to be fixed. These calls are often scams trying to sell unneeded software, spying on your activities or even worse holding your data to ransom (ransomware).

If you have any concern that you may have been affected by a computer scam it is important that you contact a reputable IT company such as ourselves and we can investigate to make sure your computer security has not been compromised, giving you peace of mind.

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