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Computer Recycling

We offer a computer electronics disposal service that conforms to WEEE (Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment) regulations. We are fully licensed by the Environment Agency for waste collection and disposal. Customers who have purchased electrical equipment from us in the past also qualify to have this service free of charge*!
So why recycle your electronics?

Well firstly of course it is better off for the environment, many thousands of computers are disposed of each year. New regulations ensure that computers are recycled and not just placed in landfill. Better for us and better for future generations.

Do you worry about hackers, internet security information stored on your computer. What about data you may have handed over to other people already?

Are you about to, or have you ever given a old PC or laptop to a relative, charity or sold it on eBay?

NOTE: Deleting, wiping or formatting the disk does not erase the data, it just changes the way it is able to be accessed. With the right software your personal or business data can be recovered easily leaving you open to identity theft or worse.

Let us recycle your PC for you providing a professional wipe of any data giving you piece of mind that your data has been removed permanently.

We recycle, Laptops, PC’s and Apple Mac working or not.

Recycle computer including Data wipe and certificate of destruction is £20

We use the official U.S. Standard Dept of Defense 2550.22-M and NAVSO P-5239-26 (RLL) algorithms while clearing the drive to ensure no data can be recovered once the process has been completed.

Business asset recycling

The 1998 data protection act states it’s a legal requirement to take appropriate security measures to prevent personal data being compromised. Let us recycle you used IT equipment and if you have 10 computers or more under 4 years old we will recycle them for free. We will provide the correct documentation including waste transfer note, serial number report and data destruction certificate.

Older equipment and smaller amounts will incur a fixed fee of £99.00

We recycle PC’s, Servers, Laptops, Apple Mac, Mobile phones, Telephone systems, routers, network equipment.

* recycle only, proof of purchase required . For large quantities please contact us.

Please note we do not recycle CRT (cathode Ray Tube) monitors or printers.